My son has been training with S.E.T. FC for the past year and a half. From the very first day, it was evident that S.E.T. FC is not just a soccer club, but a group of individuals that fosters growth, confidence, and a genuine love for the game of soccer. The coaching philosophy at S.E.T. FC goes beyond just the technical aspects of the game: it instills a sense of self-belief and resilience in each player. My son has become a confident player who eagerly takes on challenges on and off the field. The holistic approach to developing overall soccer ability sets S.E.T. FC apart. The carefully designed small group training sessions cover tactical awareness, teamwork and physical conditioning, ensuring that each player is well-rounded and prepared for the dynamic nature of the game. As a parent it has been amazing to watch my son's skills grow!
Coach Steve's S.E.T. Program is truly exceptional and has been a wonderful experience for my son. Coach Steve is very skilled at working with and grooming young players, identifying their areas of strength and weaknesses, and coaching them to reach their fullest potential. My son has grown tremendously as a player, his focus and agility have blossomed, and he is showing so much confidence on the field that he didn't have before. I highly recommend this program if you're looking for small group coaching to harness your child's full potential.
"S.E.T. soccer has changed how my son plays soccer.  Steve's coaching style is fantastic.  His love for the game shines through and his players feel it.  He has expectations for his players and holds them accountable while making it fun for them.  The kids have respect for him that is unmatched.  The addition of S.E.T. training to the off-season has helped my son stay active and prepare him for the upcoming season. "